Sentence Examples

  • The unsegmented uterine ovum of P. novae zealandiae measures I.
  • Poulton, showed that the ovum of the platypus was large compared with that of other mammals, whilst W.
  • After fertilization the ovum-nucleus divides and cell-formation proceeds rapidly, especially in the lower part of the ovum, in which the cotyledon and axis of the embryo are differentiated; the long, tangled suspensor of the cycadean embryo is not found in Ginkgo.
  • Cupressineae) or separated from one another by a few cells of the prothallus, each ovum being immediately surrounded by a layer of cells distinguished by their granular contents and large nuclei.
  • The result of this is the production of four nuclei, which eventually take up a position at the bottom of the ovum and become separated from one another by vertical cellwalls; these nuclei divide again, and finally three tiers of cells are produced, four in each tier.

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