Sentence Examples

  • The pistil consists of a single carpel with its ovary, style, stigma and solitary ovule or twin ovules.
  • The result of fertilization is the development of the ovule into the seed.
  • The ovule appears at first as a small cellular projection from the placenta.
  • The developing embryo at the end of the suspensor grows out to a varying extent into the forming endosperm, from which by surface absorption it derives good material for growth; at the same time the suspensor plays a direct part as a carrier of nutrition, and may even develop, where perhaps no endosperm is formed, special absorptive "suspensor roots" which invest the developing embryo, or pass out into the body and coats of the ovule, or even into the placenta.
  • An ovule consists of a conical nucellus surrounded by a single integument.

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