Sentence Examples

  • Although men can carry the gene for hyper ovulation and pass it on to their daughters, a history of twins on the man's side of the family doesn't make a woman any more likely to give birth to twins when she becomes pregnant.
  • Because pinpointing the exact moment of ovulation is difficult, women should use other methods of checking ovulation beyond any physical signs and symptoms, especially if they are using natural family planning birth control.
  • The medication causes ovulation occur about 40 hours after having the injection with egg collection taking place about 34 hours after the injection to ensure that the eggs are ready, but that ovulation has not occurred yet.
  • Women with a regular cycle lasting 28 days can count 14 days from the first day of their period and mark the three days before and after as their most fertile days, just in case their ovulation date is a day or two off.
  • The ClearPlan Fertility Monitor, commonly referred to as the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor, offers a way to track urine levels of estrogen and lutenizing hormones to help you predict when ovulation occurs each month.