Sentence Examples

  • No one can tell you whether you are pregnant without a blood or urine pregnancy test; however, the online pregnancy test results can tell you whether your intercourse may have coincided with the time when you would have expected to ovulate.
  • Double check with a predictor test: If you suspect that you don't ovulate regularly or have tried for a few months to conceive, you can use a predictor kit to make sure you are ovulating on time.
  • The common belief is that women ovulate two weeks after their menstrual cycle.The best time of the month to get pregnant, if this is the case, is 14 days after the first day of your period.
  • The downside is that not all women have regular 28 day cycles or some just don't ovulate at exactly midway between periods so these two weeks can be completely arbitrary.
  • Since the hormone hCG is not even produced until implantation, early pregnancy tests at home may let you know whether or not you're pregnant seven days after you ovulate.