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  • Cell, which is non-motile, is carried to the oosphere by means of a pollen tube.
  • The eggcell or oosphere is a large cell containing a single large nucleus, and in the green plants the rudiments of plastids.
  • In some cases the region where the penetration of the male organ takes place is indicated on the oosphere by a hyaline receptive spot (Oedogonium, Vaucheria, &c.), or by a receptive papilla consisting of hyaline cytoplasm (Peronosporeae).
  • Even in the multinucleate oosphere of Albugo bliti the nuclei fuse in pairs; and in the oospheres of Sp/zaero plea, which may contain more than one nucleus, the egg nucleus is formed by the fusion of one only of these with the spermatozoid nucleus (Klebahn).
  • During the process of fertilization in the Angiosperms it has been shown by the researches of Nawaschin and Guignard that in Lilium and Fritillaria both generative nuclei enter the embryo sac, one fusing with the oosphere nucleus, the other with the polar nuclei (fig.

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