Sentence Examples

  • He overpowered her easily and maneuvered her down the hallway to her bedroom, stripping her and tossing her onto the bed in one move.
  • Nevertheless, though overpowered in the end, the Khazars had protected the plains of Europe from the Mahommedans, and made the Caucasus the limit of their conquests.
  • On the 23rd of April 1903 a body of cavalry and artillery mutinied in Lisbon and proclaimed a republic; but they were overpowered and ultimately transported to Mozambique.
  • The revolt which overpowered him in 1820 was a military mutiny.
  • Arms should dignify their person; they should ever practise their use; and great would be the merit of those who fought in the van, who slew the enemies of their faith, and who despaired not although overpowered by superior numbers.