Sentence Examples

  • He is described as being generous to excess, free from cupidity, merciful to his vanquished enemies, and strictly continent, but subject to violent bursts of anger and possessed of unyielding pride and fanatical religious zeal.
  • Yet his liberality to his ministers and servants was proverbial, and his vanquished enemies he always treated with magnificent generosity.
  • It was in the same place that the Hussites gained in 1431 one of their greatest victories against a German army of crusaders, and another similar German army was vanquished here by George of Podebrad.
  • The concentration upon the city of a large garrison flushed with victory, and eager to emulate the vanquished foe in works of peace, and vie with them in luxury, was an incentive to Berliners to put forth all their energy.
  • It resisted Caesar longer than most of Gaul; when once vanquished it adopted Roman civilization readily.

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