Sentence Examples

  • We can't outrun him.
  • The railway still delivered 30,000 men a month at Mukden, and Japan had for a time outrun her resources.
  • She couldn't outrun it - in any condition, and it could climb a tree as fast as she could.
  • If we are dealing with comparatively recent periods there is no evidence of progressive change, but if we go to remote epochs and suppose the sun to have once been diffused in a nebulous state, it is clear that its shrinkage, in spite of radiation, has left it hotter, so that the shrinkage has outrun what would suffice to maintain its radiation.
  • In the electrical building we examined the telephones, autophones, phonographs, and other inventions, and he made me understand how it is possible to send a message on wires that mock space and outrun time, and, like Prometheus, to draw fire from the sky.

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