Sentence Examples

  • Shipton leaned to his right and began to chip away at a large outcrop of ice directly above Dean, laughing as a loosened piece tumbled downward, striking Dean's exposed head, nearly knocking him senseless.
  • The difference in level between the outcrop of the assumed eastern intake and of the wells is often so small, in comparison with their distance apart, that the friction would completely sop up the whole of the available hydrostatic head.
  • It should be noted that the oxidation of sulphur itself by atmospheric influence may give rise to sulphuric acid, which in the presence of limestone will form gypsum: thus the sulphur-deposits of Sicily suffer alteration of this kind, and have their outcrop marked by a pale earthy gypseous rock called briscale.
  • Fragments of coal, or soil stained black with coal, will be found near the outcrop tif coal beds.
  • By tracing such indications up the stream or up the hillside the outcrop may sometimes be found, or at least approximately located.

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