Sentence Examples

  • About a century later the manor was acquired by the Basset family.
  • Basset in the Patrologia orient., and that of the Ethiopian synaxarium was begun by I.
  • - Bloodhound, otterhound, foxhound, harrier, beagle, basset hound (smooth and rough), dachshund, greyhound, deerhound, Borzoi, Irish wolfhound, whippet, pointer, setter (English, Irish and black and tan), retriever (flat-coated, curlycoated and Labrador), spaniel (Irish water, water other than Irish, Clumber, Sussex, field, English springer, other than Clumber, Sussex and field: Welsh springer, red and white and Cocker); fox terriers (smoothand wire-coated); Irish terrier, Scotch terrier, Welsh terrier, Dandie Dinmont terrier, Skye terrier (prick-eared and drop-eared), Airedale terrier and Bedlington terrier.
  • Basset hounds are long and crooked-legged dogs, with pendulous ears.
  • Translations: In addition to the translations given in the preceding editions, Basset, Les Apocryphes ethiopiens, iii.

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