Sentence Examples

  • You might need to check with your state to see what regulations they have for teaching kitchens, but you could always offer one-on-one sessions in the client's home, circumventing the need to bring anyone into your residence.
  • Women who make connections with certain men on the show get to spend special one-on-one time with these men while the other women still participate in the group activities where they learn additional skills and meet new men.
  • Although single parents are burdened with full responsibility of their children, take the time to remember that your child is a gift, and use this alone time to create lasting one-on-one memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Unlike many senior singles sites, where people take baby steps before meeting others, dating services host events and personal one-on-one sessions to encourage mingling and conversation between interested individuals.
  • For example, do you find it easier to master a concept with one-on-one instruction or do you prefer to learn as part of a larger group?There are many different ways for you to develop your skills in painting by oils.