Sentence Examples

  • Most financial institutions offering prepaid credit cards offer the cards on-site and online, but if the cards are embossed with the cardholder's name then there is typically a wait before the cardholder actually receives the card.
  • Thehe other hotel amenities, guests will be delighted to hear, include limousine service, a multi-lingual concierge, an on-site fitness club, an on-site gemologist, shoe shining service, daily housekeeping, and valet parking.
  • While some women are lucky enough to run home at lunch to nurse their babies, and others have on-site day care at their work places, making it easy to nurse their child during the day, most breastfeeding moms have to pump.
  • Most often, distance learning courses cost just as much as on-site classes, if not more, so it's certainly worthwhile for prospective and current students to look into various options for funding their education choice.
  • However, doctoral degrees involve a great deal of research and work no matter how they're obtained, and plenty of distance programs provide rigor and structure at levels that are comparable to on-site universities.