Sentence Examples

  • In this respect the Asiatic species differs very widely from its African relative, whose nutriment is largely composed of boughs and roots.
  • It appears probable that there is a vascular connexion be- ` tween these and the male `/ / individuals, which thus derive their nutriment from the neuters.
  • Function of circulating and distributing nutriment through the colony.
  • 5), the blastostyles gradually lose their nutritive function and the organs connected with it; the mouth and tentacles disappear, and the blastostyle obtains the nutriment necessary for its activity by way of the coenosarc. In the Calyptoblastea, where the polyps are protected by special capsules of the perisarc, the gonothecae enclosing the blastostyles differ from the hydrothecae protecting the hydranths (fig.
  • In the Hydromedusae they usually, if not invariably, ripen in the ectoderm, but in the neighbourhood of the main sources of nutriment, that is to say, not far from the stomach.

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