Sentence Examples

  • Vampire blood would not provide nutrition, though feeding on Sarah created the intimate connection that they both needed now.
  • The gonads (g) are produced on the manubrium, which has a hollow endodermal axis, termed the spadix (sp.), in open communication with the coenosarc of the polyp-colony and serving for the nutrition of the generative cells.
  • The spadix, as the organ of nutrition for the gonads, may be developed in various ways, being simple (fig.
  • When the bud is nearly complete, the body-wall of the parent immediately below it becomes perforated, placing the coelenteric cavity of the parent in secondary communication with that of the bud (H), doubtless for the better nutrition of the latter.
  • Thus an organized individual (tout organise) " is a composite body consisting of the original, or elementary, parts and of the matters which have been associated with them by the aid of nutrition "; so that, if these matters could be extracted from the individual (tout), it would, so to speak, become concentrated in a point, and would thus be restored to its primitive condition of a germ; " just as, by extracting from a bone the calcareous substance which is the source of its hardness, it is reduced to its primitive state of gristle or membrane."2 " Evolution " and " development " are, for Bonnet, synonymous terms; and since by " evolution " he means simply the expansion of that which was invisible into visibility, he was naturally led to the conclusion, at which Leibnitz had arrived by a different line of reasoning, that no such thing as generation, in the proper sense of the word exists in nature.

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