Sentence Examples

  • Cobalt is usually found associated with nickel, and frequently with arsenic, the chief ores being speiss-cobalt, (Co,Ni,Fe)As 2, cobaltite, wad, cobalt bloom, linnaeite, Co 3 S 4, and skutterudite, CoAs 3.
  • It contains this fundamental statement of Presbyterian parity, "Aucune eglise ne pourra pretendre primaute ni domination sur l'autre; ni pareillement, les ministres d'une eglise les uns sur les autres; ni les anciens ou diacres, les uns sur les autres."
  • But it seems possible that the tradition of marine nomenclature had never perished; that the 'AyaOov SaL�ovos vijvos was really a misunderstanding of some form like Agdaman, while Ni crot Bapouavac survived as Lanka Balus, the name applied by the Arabs to the Nicobars.
  • Je n'ai besoin d'aucune hypothese ni d'aucune supposition pour cela: j 'en atteste tous les naturalistes observateurs."
  • In a remarkable essay 3 Meckel remarks: ' ` There is no good physiologist who has not been struck by the observation that the original form of all organisms is one and the 1 " 11 s'agit donc de prouver que la serie qui constitute l'echelle animale reside essentiellement dans la distribution des masses principales qui la composent et non dans celle des especes ni meme touj ours dans celle des genres."

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