Sentence Examples

  • Many tattoo enthusiasts seek out the highest profile tattoo artists, such as Los Angeles' very own Kat Von D for art that is both meaningful and exquisite in detail rather than opting for a rookie or newbie artist.
  • Bodysuits might seem overly body-conscious to the newbie, but if you select one that fits well and can be worn underneath a variety of outfits, then you'll be ready for work, sport, and winter.
  • Tutorials are offered for investors at any level of experience (from newbie to those who are active traders); one tutorial deals exclusively with retirement-savings strategies and issues.
  • Regardless if you are a hardcore or newbie player, these Guitar Hero Encore cheat codes can give you some fun extras that will make your gaming experience a bit more interesting.
  • There are a few differences between using an online web page builder and using web design software that makes a web page builder far more appealing to the Internet newbie.