Sentence Examples

  • Linss (6) found that an insulated conductor charged either positively or negatively lost its charge in the free atmosphere; the potential V after time t being connected with its initial value Vo by a formula of the type V = Voe - at where a is constant.
  • Wilson supposes that by the fall to the ground of a preponderance of negatively charged rain the air above the shower has a higher positive potential than elsewhere at the same level, thus leading to large conduction currents laterally in the highly conducting upper layers.
  • The cable is thus charged first positively and then negatively, or vice versa, for each signal.
  • Throttling his joy, Ahab negatively answered this unexpected question; and would then have fain boarded the stranger, when the stranger captain himself, having stopped his vessel's way, was seen descending her side.
  • Platelet transfusion through negatively charged filters can also activate the contact system and give rise to significant hypotension in patients receiving ACE inhibitors.

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