Sentence Examples

  • So I'm going to be stuck on a planet far away without a bus ticket home surrounded by spiders the size of basketballs and being bossed around by Neanderthal barbarians who forbid me to talk and lock me in the bathroom!
  • I would offer to let Connor feed on me if I weren't convinced Neanderthal here would go postal on us.
  • Distant kin In 1997, DNA was successfully sequenced - to everyone 's surprise - from the original Neanderthal specimen.
  • The St. Cesaire Neanderthal skeleton is associated with this lithic tradition, as are the Anatomically Modern Humans of the Cro-Magnon people.
  • We have also found a spiral fracture on what is possibly a deer bone, opened by a Neanderthal to extract the marrow.

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