Sentence Examples

  • So I'm going to be stuck on a planet far away without a bus ticket home surrounded by spiders the size of basketballs and being bossed around by Neanderthal barbarians who forbid me to talk and lock me in the bathroom!
  • I would offer to let Connor feed on me if I weren't convinced Neanderthal here would go postal on us.
  • These four divisions taken in the order of their assumed priority of invasion or habitation are: (1) the "Neanderthal" type, which is found in the districts of the shats and the adjoining Matmata table-land in the south, and in the "Kroumir" country of the Echium sericeum, Vahl.
  • NEANDERTHAL, a ravine near the village of Hochdal between Dusseldorf and Elberfeld, Rhenish Prussia.
  • Here in 1856 were discovered in a Quaternary bed in the Feldhofen Cave human remains which have been referred to a type commonly called Neanderthal Man.

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