Sentence Examples

  • Meanwhile he received a careful education at Lorenzo's brilliant humanistic court under such men as Angelo Poliziano, the classical scholar, Pico della Mirandola, the philosopher and theologian, the pious Marsilio Ficino who endeavoured to unite the Platonic cult with Christianity and the poet Bernardo Dovizio Bibbiena.
  • JOSEPH LANGEN (1837-1901), German theologian, was born at Cologne on the 3rd of June 1837.
  • OTTO PFLEIDERER (1839-1908), German Protestant theologian, was born at Stetten near Cannstadt in Wurttemberg on the 1st of September 1839.
  • These objections in the first edition are arranged under six heads: the first came from Caterus, a theologian of Louvain; the second and sixth are anonymous criticisms from various hands; whilst the third, fourth and fifth belong respectively to Hobbes, Arnauld and Gassendi.
  • No theologian save Augustine has had an equal influence on the theological thought and language of the Western Church, a fact which was strongly emphasized by Leo XIII.

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