Sentence Examples

  • While some varieties such as Concord are multipurpose and make fine table grapes as well as grapes for jams and jellies, other grape varieties are especially suited for juicing, wine making, table grapes, or drying into raisins.
  • The blades include a stainless steel multipurpose one for large chopping, mixing and pureeing jobs, a mini stainless steel blade for the four-cup bowl and a plastic dough blade that mimics hand kneading of yeast dough.
  • While some people prefer to make handmade cards as they are needed, others create a stash of multipurpose cards that they can keep on hand to avoid making last minute trips to the stationery store.
  • Alpnach Chrono-Limited Edition: Designed after a Swiss air force multipurpose utility aircraft, the Alpnach boasts an impressive range of powerful functions surrounded by elegant good looks.
  • The building plans for the multipurpose unit, designed for a young child aged six to ten, includes plans and instructions for the bed and ladder, desk, cupboard and bookcase.