Sentence Examples

  • The blades include a stainless steel multipurpose one for large chopping, mixing and pureeing jobs, a mini stainless steel blade for the four-cup bowl and a plastic dough blade that mimics hand kneading of yeast dough.
  • While some people prefer to make handmade cards as they are needed, others create a stash of multipurpose cards that they can keep on hand to avoid making last minute trips to the stationery store.
  • At prAna, there's an extensive selection of men's and women's clothing, much of which is multipurpose, so you can go straight from the rock face into your Vinyasa class.
  • The seven-cup style is considerably more limited and includes one bowl, one stainless steel multipurpose blade and one disc adaptable for both slicing and shredding.
  • The Hamilton Beach MealMaker Express Grill is a multipurpose electric grill capable of preparing various meals, including breakfast, lunch, or dinner.