Sentence Examples

  • The popular indignation at such scandalous miscarriages of justice rendered a change in the composition of the courts imperative.
  • Trial by jury has been introduced; but as natives are not allowed to act as jurymen this has often led to serious miscarriages of justice and to excessive severities.
  • 2 Meanwhile, since the birth of the duke of Gloucester, the princess had experienced six more miscarriages, and had given birth to two children who only survived a few hours, and the last maternal hope flickered out on the death of the young prince on the 29th of July 1700.
  • Two miscarriages and the failure to produce the requisite male heir linked her in Henrys mind and in misfortune to Catherine; unlike Catherine she was unpopular and not above suspicion.
  • That Pitt did not join them is one of the many fatal miscarriages of history, as it is one of the many serious reproaches to be made against that extraordinary man's chequered and uneven course.