Sentence Examples

  • And as often happens with old people, Kutuzov began looking about absent-mindedly as if forgetting all he wanted to say or do.
  • She took it absent-mindedly and followed her friend through the mansion.
  • Miss Keller talks to herself absent-mindedly in the manual alphabet.
  • He had merely understood that the woman he had known as a child, of whom when her beauty was mentioned he had said absent-mindedly: "Yes, she's good looking," he had understood that this woman might belong to him.
  • Prince Vasili, in the rare moments when he was at home, would take Pierre's hand in passing and draw it downwards, or absent-mindedly hold out his wrinkled, clean- shaven cheek for Pierre to kiss and would say: "Till tomorrow," or, "Be in to dinner or I shall not see you," or, "I am staying in for your sake," and so on.

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