Sentence Examples

  • It supports about 6 mil lions of people.
  • The most important of these documents, a poem in Provençal, "La Nobla Leyczon," contains two lines which claimed for it the date of i 100: Ben ha mil e cent anez compli entierament Que fo scripta 1' ora, car sen al derier temp.
  • 41; the most important have been published by C. Sathas in his MEU au /mil $L/ XLoeipa i, iv, v.
  • He was a great advocate of the pound and mil scheme.
  • Mil/ public spirit should be the prominent motive in the performance of all socially useful work, and that even hygienic precepts should be inculcated, not chiefly on grounds of prudence, but because " by squandering our health we disable ourselves from rendering services to our fellow-creatures."

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