Sentence Examples

  • Peace CC is safest, read another.
  • If this is true we should have q= an t, where q is the number of ions of one sign made in I cc. of air per second by the emanation, a the constant of recombination, and n the number of ions found simultaneously by, say, Ebert's apparatus.
  • In the steady state the number, n, of ions of either sign per cc. is given by n=-Vg/a, and so is independent of the pressure or the height.
  • Rotation of the box round CC is prevented by downward pressure of the spring Z on a projection attached to the side of the box.
  • C is the objective, D the micrometer box, E the graduated head of the screw, G the milled i r head by which the screw cc is turned, A an P FIG.

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