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  • MANDAEANS, also known as Sabians, Nasoraeans, or St John's Christians,' an Oriental sect of great antiquity, interesting to the theologian as almost the only surviving example of a ' The first of these names (not Mendaeans or Mandaites) is that given by themselves, and means yvcvvTucot, followers of Gnosis (m, , 111e2, from ml.lxn, Hebr.
  • A short way down the Rhine is the Bingerloch, a famous whirlpool, while about halfway between it and the town rises on a rock in the middle of the stream the Ml useturm (derived from Muserie, cannon), in which, according to legend, Archbishop Hatto II.
  • Of Mainz was in 969 eaten by mice (the legend being doubtless due to the erroneous derivation from Ml use, mice).
  • Using the symbols of the diagram, it can be shown that the effect of placing the weight W at E instead of F is to cause the end of the beam to descend, as if under the action of an additional weight, w, at F such that w Wa(ml - l +tan 0)/h.
  • ' ??n4aryN?l?nmM4nn + 11nU?it u ' u ' 11nn= nnl = 1 ' n lI uunl = ml m uMnumm11mmmnnnM ff m??ummu pp ul ?

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