Sentence Examples

  • The Anales de Aragon of Gerbnimo Zurita (1610) are very far superior to the history of Mariana in criticism and research.
  • Some fled the country, but many (Mariana says 17,000) offered themselves for reconciliation.
  • Mariana holds that the founding of the Inquisition, by giving a new impetus to the idea of a united kingdom, made the country more capable of carrying to a satisfactory ending the traditional wars against the Moors.
  • He lost his place owing to a reduction of the duke's establishment, and for several years he lived obscurely; but by good fortune he succeeded in persuading Maria de Uceda, one of the ladiesin-waiting of Mariana, second wife of Philip IV., to marry him.
  • But Suarez is much more moderate on this point than a writer like Mariana, approximating to the modern view of the rights of ruler and ruled.