Sentence Examples

  • The field of view is usually about 40° at a magnification of 1 5.
  • The magnification is too small to show the zebra striping of the pearlite.
  • There are three eyepieces which are mounted on a revolving sleeve in such a way that any one of them can be quickly brought into use, to give the magnification suitable to the height of the mast.
  • Lockhart Clarke (1817-1880), one of the earliest investigators of nervous pathology, the improvement of the compound microscope had not attained the achromatism, the penetration and the magnification which have since enabled J.
  • He then describes the effects of magnification from a combination of lenses or mirrors, adding: - "But of these conclusions I minde not here to intreate, having at large in a volume 2 by itselfe opened the miraculous effects of perspective glasses."