Sentence Examples

  • The most curious looker, who sat at the first desk, scurried to an empty desk three stations away and began rummaging through the drawers.
  • She's quite a looker, isn't she?
  • Thomas Kirker (Acting).1807-1809Samuel Huntington.1809-1811Return Jonathan Meigs.1811-1814Othniel Looker (Acting).1814-1815Thomas Worthington..1815-1819Ethan Allen Brown.1819-1822Allen Trimble (Acting).1822-1823Jeremiah Morrow..1823-1827Allen Trimble.1827-1831Duncan McArthur1831-1833Robert Lucas.1833-1837Joseph Vance.1837-1839Wilson Shannon.1839-1841Thomas Corwin.1841-1843Wilson Shannon1843-1844Thomas W.
  • 6, 1787), Mackenzie, Craig, Abercromby, Tytler; Observer (1785 to 1790), Cumberland; Looker-on (March 10, 1792 to Feb.