Sentence Examples

  • 4, is already in a style which not even the most casual listener could mistake for anything orchestral.
  • Mr Earle's listener on these occasions confesses that he heard with a doubting mind, and that belief in what he heard still keeps company with Mahomet's coffin.
  • A lesson in geometry, given by Ostilio Ricci to the pages of the grand-ducal court, chanced, tradition avers, to have Galileo for an unseen listener; his attention was riveted, his dormant genius was roused, and he threw all his energies into the new pursuit thus unexpectedly presented to him.
  • Born In 1784, And Brought Up Among Reminiscent Eye Witnesses Of The Old Regime, He Was An Eager Listener, With A Wonderful4 Memory And Whole Hearted Pride In The Glories Of His Race And Family, A Kindly Seigneur, Who Loved And 'Was Loved By All His Censitaires, A Keen Observer Of Many Changing Systems, Down, To The Final Confederation Of 1867, And A Man Who Had Felt' Both Extremes Of Fortune (Memoires, 1866).
  • In public he was of magnificent bearing, possessing the true oratorical temperament, the nervous exaltation that makes the orator feel and appear a superior being, transfusing his thought, passion and will into the mind and heart of the listener; but his imagination frequently ran away with his understanding, while his imperious temper and ardent combativeness hurried him and his party into disadvantageous positions.

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