Sentence Examples

  • K`iung-chow-hien, in which the capital is situated; Ting-an-hien, the only inland district; Wen-ch`ang-hien, in the north-east of the island; Hui-t`unghien, Lo-hui-hien, Ling-shu-hien, Wan-chow, Yai-chow (the southmost of all), Kan-en-hien Chang-hwa-hien, Tan-chow, Lin-kao-hien and Ch'eng-mai-hien.
  • Under Constantine Monomachus (1042-1054) he became one of the most influential men lin the empire.
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  • The provincial capital is Kwei-lin Fu, or City of the Forest of Cinnamon Trees, and there are besides ten prefectural cities.
  • The Kwei-kiang, on the other hand, takes a southerly course, and passes the cities of Kwei-lin, Yang-so Hien, ring-le Fu, Chao-Ong Hien, and so finds its way to Wu-chow Fu, where it joins the waters of the Si-kiang.

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