Sentence Examples

  • Many different forms of kiln are used for burning Portland cement.
  • This is employed in the shape of lime-kiln gases, obtained in a comparatively pure and strong form (up to 33% CO 2), in very large kilns, charged with limestone and coke.
  • A layer of dried slurry is loaded on this, then a layer of coke, then a layer of slurry, and so on until the kiln is filled with coke and slurry evenly distributed.
  • There are other forms of shaft kiln, such as the Schneider, in which there is a burning zone, a heating and cooling zone as in the Dietzsch, but no horizontal stage, the whole shaft being in the same vertical plane.
  • The manufactured goods are either removed gradually from a constant source of heat by means of a train of small iron trucks drawn along a tramway by an endless chain, or are placed in a heated kiln in which the fire is allowed gradually to die out.