Sentence Examples

  • Trained riders, archers and javelin-throwers from infancy, they advanced to the attack in numerous companies following hard upon each other, avoiding close quarters, but wearing out their antagonists by the persistency of their onslaughts.
  • They had, besides, the lance, the club, sometimes studded with pebbles, and the javelin, and they seem to have known the shield.
  • Meleager is represented as a tall, vigorous youth with curly hair, holding a javelin or a boar's head, and accompanied by a dog.
  • Holzinger interprets it as "man of the javelin": Hommel prefers "man of Selah," Selah being the Hebraized form of the Babylonian Sarrahu (i.e.
  • Leaping, quoitthrowing, javelin-throwing, running and wrestling were combined in the pentathlon.

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