Sentence Examples

  • Al-Mostanjid billah ("he who invokes help from God"), the son of Moqtafi, enlarged the dominion of the Caliphate by making an end to the state of the Mazyadites in Hillah.
  • Once only, with the calm assurance of one who knew that his prayer would be answered, he invokes the God of his fathers.
  • Hannibal's oath to Philip of Macedon; beside the named deities he invokes the gods of " sun and moon and earth, of rivers and meadows and waters " (Polyb.
  • In honour of Hermes and the souls of the dead, and Aeschylus (Persae, 628) invokes Hermes, with Earth and Hades, in summoning a spirit from the underworld.
  • In his building inscriptions from Susa and Ecbatana invokes Ahuramazda, Anahita and Mithra.

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