Sentence Examples

  • James Thomson (" B.V.") speaks " of the restful rapture of the inviolate grave," and sings the praises of death and of oblivion.
  • Bulygin, Mirski's successor, had no knowledge of this until after its publication; he hastened to the tsar and obtained the issue on the same day of a rescript which, while reserving the " fundamental laws of the empire " inviolate, stated the emperor's intention of summoning the representatives of the people to aid in " the preparation and examination of legislative proposals."
  • The loyalty of the Prussian army remained inviolate; but the king was too tender-hearted to use military force against his "beloved Berliners," and when the victory of the populace was thus assured his impressionable temper yielded to the general enthusiasm.
  • Inviolate, from "health, well-being," or from "good-omen," "augury."
  • Lighted tapers are also placed in the hands of the newly-baptized, or of their god-parents, with the admonition " to preserve their baptism inviolate, so that they may go to meet the Lord when he comes to the wedding."

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