Sentence Examples

  • That sub-regions framed on this principle should show interrelations and some degree of overlapping is only what might have been expected, and, in fact, confirms the validity of the principle adopted.
  • This section includes a brief history of the subject, and proceeds to treat of the principles underlying the structure and interrelations of organic compounds.
  • The Berkshire district affords an excellent example of the interrelations of topography, soil and population.
  • -- From the 7th century B.C. onward, the relations of units of weight have been complicated by the need of the interrelations of gold, silver and copper coinage; and various standards have been derived theoretically from others through the weight of one metal equal in value to a unit of another.
  • Some knowledge of the culture, religion, history and interrelations over the area of which Palestine formed part is indispensable for any careful study of the ages upon which we now enter.

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