Sentence Examples

  • The kat was regularly divided into 10; but another division, for the sake of interrelation with another system, was in 1/3 and 1/4, scarcely found except in the eastern Delta, where it is common (29); and it is known from a papyrus (38) to be a Syrian weight.
  • For whatever may be the real character of the interrelation of moral and metaphysical first principles it is obvious that Taylor's own dissatisfaction with current moral principles arises from an inability to believe in their ultimate rationality, i.e.
  • Both of these theories therefore are rather working equivalents than original derivations; or at least the interrelation was allowed to become far from exact.
  • Now that which binds together these elements of our nature and maintains their interrelation in their respective spheres of activity - that which determines an individual's powers, his tastes, his opportunities, advantages and drawbacks, in a word, the character - is his "Karma."
  • The complexity of modern knowledge and the interrelation of its different branches are often insufficiently realized, and that by writers who differ widely in the application of such material as they use to their particular views of the manifold problems of the Old Testament.