Sentence Examples

  • The modern cone of the mountain has been built up by suc~ssive discharges of lava and fragmentary materials round a Int of eruption, which lies a little south of the centre of the Tehistoric crater.
  • Its connexion with a is expressed by a =c4'/dr; so that TZ sin 05 e'(at - kr) 47b 2 where the factor e int is restored.
  • Int., 1892); E.
  • Close to this the small renal organ (i, mediad) and the larger renal organ (k, to the right and posteriorly) are seen, also the pericardium (1) and a coil of the intestine (int) embedded in the compact liver.
  • Runnels „1833-1835John Anthony Quitman (ad int.) Whig1835-1836Charles Lynch Democrat1836-1838Alexander Gallatin McNutt.

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