Sentence Examples

  • Pelletan's indiscreet speeches did him no good; and he became a common subject for ill-natured caricatures.
  • It is not even safe, according to these two fathers, to commit too much to writing; and Clement undertakes not to reveal in writing many secrets known to the initiated among his readers; otherwise the indiscreet eye of the heathen may rest on them, and he will have cast his pearls before swine.
  • Babcock, private secretary to President Grant, whose personal friendship for Babcock led him to indiscreet interference in the prosecution.
  • To this Baius submitted; though certain indiscreet utterances on the part of himself and his supporters led to a renewal of the condemnation in 1579 by Gregory XIII.
  • He was an excellent administrator; and his wide knowledge, broad sympathies, and sound common sense, though they placed him outside the point of view common to most of his clergy, made him an invaluable guide in correcting their too often indiscreet zeal.