Sentence Examples

  • We see that he, like his father and his successors, were worshipped as gods, probably as incarnations of a secondary deity of the Persian creed.
  • He has made himself known to men by successive incarnations, of which the last was Hakim, the sixth Fatimite caliph.
  • How many these incarnations have been is stated variously; but seventy, one for each period of the world, seems the best-attested number.
  • The souls of the virtuous pass after death into ever new incarnations of greater perfection, till at last they reach a point at which they can be re-absorbed into the Deity itself; those of the wicked may be degraded to the level of camels or dogs.
  • The Maronites, the Ansarieh, the Metawali and the "Isma`ilites," also profess creeds which, like the Druse system, differ from Sunni Islam in the important feature of admitting incarnations of the Deity, it is impossible not to suspect that Hamza's emissaries only gave definition and form to beliefs long established in this part of the world.

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