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  • Bradley answers idealistically that the one Real is one absolute experience, because all we know is experience.
  • William James (q.v.), on the other hand, in his psychological works shows that the tendency of recent psychology is to personality, interpreted idealistically; though without a very clear appreciation of what a person is, and personality means.
  • The unity oaf the sun can only be explained either idealistically 1 For Dr Schiller's views, see further Pragmatism.
  • This pantheistic doctrine harmonized thoroughly with the Stoic view of human good; but being unable to conceive substance idealistically, they (with considerable aid from the system of Heraclitus) supplied a materialistic side to their pantheism, - conceiving divine thought as an attribute of the purest and most primary of material substances, a subtle fiery aether.
  • Leibnitz has been used both realistically and idealistically in France.

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