Sentence Examples

  • Although several species belonging to the second class occasionally enter the bodies of water snails and other animals before reaching their definitive host, they undergo no alteration of form in this intermediate host; the case is different, however, in Filaria medinensis and other forms, in which a free larval is followed by a parasitic existence in two distinct hosts, all the changes being accompanied by a metamorphosis.
  • Of Macedon's victory more than two and a half centuries before, and in the year following, at the neighbouring Orchomenus, he scattered immense hosts of the enemy with trifling loss to himself.
  • 1.5), and a justification for it was found in the prophecy of Malachi, "In every place incense is offered unto my name and a pure offering; for my name is great among the Gentiles, saith the Lord of hosts" (Mal.
  • 2 (b) It also accords with the name bestowed on Yahweh as " Lord of Hosts " (sebaoth) or stars, which were regarded as personified beings (Job xxxviii.
  • Sebaoth, or " hosts," attached to the name of Yahweh, denoted the heavenly retinue of stars.

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