Sentence Examples

  • By far the greater number of hosts are furnished by fishes, birds and mammals.
  • In considering the occurrence of Trypanosomes in mammals, careful distinction must be drawn between natural or true hosts, which are tolerant of the parasites, and casual ones, which are unaccustomed and unadapted to them.
  • Very many of the common domestic mammals can be successfully infected (either thus accidentally or else on purpose) with different " pathogenic " Trypanosomes, to which they succumb more or less readily, but they cannot be regarded as the natural hosts of those Trypanosomes.
  • Still the prophet of the old "God of the hosts of Israel" - a God who works deliverance by the thews and sinews of His earthly warriors.
  • The battle of Shiloh was a savage scuffle between two half-disciplined hosts, contested with a fury rare even in this war.

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