Sentence Examples

  • Ray Lankester's term, homoplasy, has passed into currency as designating such cases where different genetic material has been pressed by similar conditions into similar moulds.
  • On the other hand, we must not rashly set down agreements as due to " homoplasy " or " convergence of development " if we find two or three or more concurrent agreements.
  • The probability is against agreement being due to homoplasy when the agreement involves a number of really separate (not correlated) coincidences.
  • Homoplasy can only be assumed when the coincidence is of a simple nature, and is such as may be reasonably supposed to have arisen by the action of like selective conditions upon like material in two separate lines of descent.'
  • Lankester (Homoplasy and Homogeny), " On the Use of the term Homology in Modern Zoology," Ann.

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