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  • The chances against these two selected members exhibiting another really independent homoplastic agreement are enormous: let us say io,000 to i.
  • All organs performing the same function and showing similar adaptations are said to be analogous or homoplastic, whatever their morphological nature may be; hence organs are sometimes both homologous and analogous, sometimes only analogous.
  • Lepidocarpon affords a striking instance of homoplastic modification, for there i s no reason to suppose that the Lycopods were on the line of descent of any existing Spermophyta.
  • The somites following the head are strictly nomomeristic and nomotagmic. The first three form the thorax, thhe appendages of which are the walking legs, tipped with paired claws or ungues (compare the homoplastic claws of Scorpio and Peripatus).
  • They present a general, but probably homoplastic, resemblance to the saprophytic prothalli of certain Lycopodia.

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