Sentence Examples

  • Among the reasons parents decide to homeschool are a desire to teach family moral and religious values, safety issues in public school, and a belief that they can provide a more effective academic program and environment for their children.
  • The Homeschool Legal Defense Association offers a state-by-state guide to obtaining state assistance, and the Home School Foundation offers scholarships if you are in need of financial assistance to help homeschool your special needs child.
  • Other benefits to belonging to a homeschool group include having people to talk to about curriculum recommendations and assistance when preparing all of the paperwork that needs to be submitted to the local school district (in some states).
  • The ages for students to reach the different stages will vary because each student masters each level at a different time, depending on the child's maturity level, ability, and the desire to learn during a classical homeschool education.
  • If the homeschool program that is chosen does not have extended programs, fieldtrips involving math would work wonders for helping your child make the connection between what they are learning and how it can be used in their own lives.