Sentence Examples

  • If the homeschool program that is chosen does not have extended programs, fieldtrips involving math would work wonders for helping your child make the connection between what they are learning and how it can be used in their own lives.
  • Lack of Sports Opportunities: Depending upon the area where you live and how active your local homeschool support group might be, there may not be as many sports opportunities available to your child as in a traditional school setting.
  • While homeschool laws in some states may present obstacles, the important thing is that the parents retain some control over how subjects are taught to their children, as well as giving them freedom to teach religion in the classroom.
  • Various statistics have been printed about parents and children who homeschool in the U.S. Researchers are only just beginning to understand this schooling movement, which to some, threatens to undermine the public school system.
  • If the program you choose is not supported by state funds and if your family's budget is limited, you can either search for a homeschool program that offers scholarships, or search for free or bartered curriculums and materials.