Sentence Examples

  • Ho, Testes.
  • C T CI ?OH CI " N O Cl OH _Cl OH C1 2 Nz0 C12 C C Ciz C1 2 Clt Cit (r) (2) (3) (4) CCI /CH2 CU CI C 'CO H CH ?C02H CI C. t 'c% CCI t CH3 (5) (6) 0 C1 /N C1 2 ClZ',C12 NzO C12 (2) CI (3) HO 2 C [[Ccichc1 Cc1 2 Co Cc13 - (6) Ho 2 C Ccichci]] CCl?
  • Its commerce is, ho wever, almost entirely of the nature of transit trade, for it is not the chief distributing centre for the middle of Europe of the products of all other parts of the world, but is also the chief outlet for German, Austrian, and even to some extent Russian (Polish) raw products and manufactures.
  • 3 +t 47fK o, Whence H Ho Ho (33) _ 3 __ 3 3r 47rK /1+2 and B =µH- + 2 Ho.
  • The demagnetizing force inside a cylindrical rod placed longitudinally in a uniform field Ho is not uniform, being greatest at the ends and least in the middle part.

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