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  • Mez., 18a Hno n iry rrro inn 1 771:' Die Juden in Babylonien ii.
  • The reaction is therefore: SO 2 + 0 + HNO 2 = SO 5 NH.
  • By experiments on diffusion this constant has been found by Scheffer, and the numbers observed agree with those calculated (HC1= 2.30, HNO 3 = 2 22, NaCI = I II).
  • Nitrous oxide, N 2 0, nitric oxide, NO, nitrogen trioxide, N203, nitrogen peroxide, N02, and nitrogen pentoxide, N205, whilst three oxyacids of nitrogen are known: hyponitrous acid, H2N202, nitrous acid, HN02, and nitric acid, HNO 3 (q.v.).
  • P. 411), the cycle of reactions probably being as follows: NO 2 [[Nhoh-Hno 2 +Hno]]; HNO-}-RI-CHI+RNO (CH3CH2NO-->CH 3 CH: N OH).

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