Sentence Examples

  • I guess so, but I wonder sometimes if heredity is the major factor.
  • It depends on heredity, what you feed them, time of the year and a lot of other factors.
  • George Sand, who was a firm believer in the doctrine of heredity, devotes a whole volume of her autobiography (Histoire de ma vie, 1857 seq.) to the elaboration of this strange pedigree.
  • The facts and theories respecting this are now discussed under such headings as Embryology; Heredity; Variation And Selection; under these headings must be sought information on the important recent modifications with regard to the theory of the relation between the development of the individual and the development of the race, the part played by the environment on the individual, and the modern developments of the old quarrel between evolution and epigenesis.
  • Closely allied to the study of symmetry is the study of the direct effect of the circumambient media on embryonic young and adult stages of living beings (see Embryology: Physiology; Heredity; and Variation And Selection), and a still larger number of observers have added to our knowledge of these.

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