Sentence Examples

  • Some theories about the causes of autism look to environmental factors while others focus on genetics as the source of the developmental disorders, and others see a possible combination of genetic predisposition and environmental triggers.
  • Surgery done for the purpose of improving your appearance will not be covered under your health insurance plan.The insurance company will want to know what the underlying cause of the problem is, i.e. due to genetics or weight issues.
  • Nutritional deficiencies can contribute greatly to your hair's appearance, and there are vitamins for hair that you can take that may help reduce environmental stresses and make the most of the genetics of your specific head of hair.
  • Kim Kardashian, most notable for her role in a sex tape with her boyfriend Ray-J, has been rumored to have buttock implants, however some in the plastic surgery community argue that her ample asset may just be a case of genetics.
  • Children who are diagnosed with depression should be reassured that the condition is quite common and that it is due to factors beyond their control (i.e., genetics, neurochemical imbalance) rather than any fault of the child.